IKEA Murphy bed

IKEA Murphy bed: Perfect for your family

With all of the fun do-it-yourself features offered by IKEA furniture, you can certainly come up with an amazing IKEA Murphy Beds. There are hack kits available online that will show you how to assemble an amazing, space saving IKEA Murphy Bed.

Don’t know what Murphy bed is? A Murphy bed hides when not in use – usually vertically or horizontally, behind cabinets, opening up your floor space for other use. A Murphy bed is a great option for a guest room or college room. They work great in single room apartments, or even in children’s rooms. A bed such as this is actually a combination of other IKEA furniture pieces with IKEA Murphy Beds, assembled to become a IKEA Murphy Beds.

Amazing thing about Murphy Beds IKEA

There is something crisp and clean about walking into a room with open floor space and decorative cabinets along the wall. With a Murphy Beds IKEA system; this is exactly what you get – a crisp, clean feeling, where your space is multi functional. When evening rolls around and it’s time to climb into bed, you just open up the cabinets, and very easily fold down your bed. Then, come morning, when you need the floor space for anything from crafts and hobbies, to a place for the kids to play, you just fold the bed easily into the cabinet.

This is great option for college students renting loft apartments – it’s an affordable bedding solution that allows you to make the most of your space. When you don’t have much space to begin with, making the most of it is essential. Even seniors can benefit from this space saving option – many senior apartments are confined spaces, and being able to hide your bed behind beautiful cabinets gives a room a whole new feel for the daytime hours.

IKEA Murphy Beds for your kids

So, whether you are trying to make more room for your kids to play during the day, or want to be able to set up a craft table and work on your favorite hobby, an IKEA Murphy Beds design may be just the option for you. You can purchase a hack kit that will tell you exactly which pieces of furniture to buy, and how to assemble them into an IKEA Murphy Beds Wall Beds.

One of the easiest solutions is the IKEA Pax wardrobe cabinetry system. They are large enough to use for a queen Murphy bed. You should be able to complete the installation of the IKEA Pax wardrobe cabinets, complete with your IKEA Murphy Beds Wall Beds in a single afternoon. Some basic tools will be required, along with the ability to follow directions. Make sure you have looked over everything and verified that you have all the parts before you begin – this usually saves extra trips to the store, as well as the frustration of not being able to complete the project due to missing parts.

If you want a murphy bed IKEA has an efficient, space saving solution; I think everybody should assemble one today.

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